‘Fat motherf***er” Daniel Cormier responds as Nate Diaz lashes out at him on Twitter

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The relationship between Nate Diaz and Daniel Cormier has taken a nasty turn after the former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion was forced to respond following the Stockton-native’s tweet telling Cormier to respect the “OG”, a.k.a., original gangster

In recent times, ‘DC’ has been receiving a lot of backlash from current and former UFC fighters, with more competitors speaking publicly in a negative light towards him. The fighter-turned-commentator has been criticized for his views on certain athletes and it seems to have reached a boiling point with the TUF 5 Winner.

Diaz posted the tweet below and even referred to Cormier as a “fat motherf***er.”

During the exchange on Twitter, Nate Diaz fired shots at Daniel Cormier, forcing the Hall-of-Famer to defend himself, which he chose to do in a professional way:

“Nathan relax”

While it’s not completely clear as to why sparks flared between the two, Diaz was potentially upset at Cormier’s comments post-UFC 279 and his dismissive nature of the 37-year-old’s skill inside the octagon.

The wrestler insisted that Khamzat Chimaev would have mauled Nate had the fight gone ahead on September 10. Although the Olympian was mostly negative towards the welterweight, he did eventually admit that the UFC would be a little worse without him on the roster, saying:

“Nate Diaz can do whatever he wants, star power, but Nate Diaz not fighting Khamzat was a gift from god. Like, that is literally best case scenario for him… I look at what happened last weekend for Nate Diaz as the best case scenario… I will sit here and say this without a shadow of a doubt, he was going to lose to Khamzat Chimaev, and he was going to lose badly. As much as Nate dismisses the guy, he just doesn’t have the skillset to stop the guy from doing what he does.”

Check out what Cormier said to potentially ignite a back-and-forth with Diaz in the video below:


What’s next for Nate Diaz?

According to Daniel Cormier, Diaz will look towards putting in work for his upcoming combat sports’ promotion Real Fight Inc., but what are the other options at his disposal?

The 170-pounder is one of the most popular competitors in mixed martial arts and would likely be welcomed almost anywhere in the world with a number of locations still a possibility for him.

Diaz vs. Jake Paul is most definitely in the works, but a move to another MMA promotion or a venture into the world of competitive jiu-jtisu could also be on the horizon for the star.


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