“Somebody needs to help turn this team around” “Always good to have proven winners around the team”

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The San Francisco Giants have announced that former World Series winner Buster Posey will be joining the team’s ownership group. He joined the team as a principal partner and member of the Board of Directors, becoming a first for the league. No other player has taken on these roles with their former team.

Today, the #SFGiants announced three-time World Series Champion and seven-time All-Star Buster Posey has become a member of the ownership group. This marks the first time that a former player has joined the organization as a principal partner and member of the Board of Directors. https://t.co/KzmgDRkk3a

The news brings optimism to a team that has been struggling this season. Buster Posey was a fan-favorite for the Giants during his time there and has great knowledge of the game. Fans believe that Buster Posey is exactly what the organization needs.

@SFGiants Somebody needs to help turn this team around.

@SFGiants Great to hear. Always good to have proven winners involved with the team.

The San Francisco Giants haven’t had the season they had hoped for this year. They have a 71-77 record going into Wednesday and don’t have a good chance at making the playoffs this year. The year was disappointing after the team came off a 107-55 record the year before.

@SFGiants Blow it all up Buster. Let’s get this thing back on the rails.

Some fans want Buster Posey to do a complete overhaul of the roster. The Giants don’t quite have the star appeal that a lineup like the Los Angeles Dodgers have. They also share the same division as the Dodgers, and they need to have a lineup that can compete with them every year.

@SFGiants In all seriousness, this is a great move. Because I don’t think our current ownership group has a clue what they’re doing, good to see someone like Buster come on board.

Buster Posey has brought a ton of success to the San Francisco Giants during his time there as a catcher. He played all 12 seasons with the Giants. In his 12 MLB seasons, he won three World Series titles for San Francisco.

@SFGiants @R_Barnes407 Congratulations to you Buster! The franchise is in good hands with your experiences and vision !

Posey is a seven-time All-Star and won the 2012 National League MVP. He asserted his presence in the league during his rookie season in 2010, winning the NL Rookie of the Year Award. Posey retired at the end of the 2021 season while hitting .304 and making the 2021 All-Star Team.

@SFGiants Buster to the rescue (again) WE LOVE TO SEE IT 🥹🧡🖤

Buster Posey has a lot of knowledge of the game from being a catcher. He understands the small things it takes to build a championship-quality team. He recently retired, making him the perfect candidate to help the organization in drafting and acquiring talent.

The San Francisco Giants need to start spending like the rest of the teams in their division

The Giants play in one of the toughest divisions in baseball in the National League West. They have to compete with the Dodgers, who are consistently one of the best teams in all of baseball. On top of that, they also have the San Diego Padres who have shown they’re not afraid to spend big money. The San Francisco Giants will have to start spending money like those two teams if they want to keep up.

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