How to unlock Fugue Slab (Golden Loop update)

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Deathloop’s latest Golden Loop update has introduced a fresh batch of content to the shooter title, successfully reviving players’ interest in it.

Not only is there unique content making new players try out the game, but the Arkane Studios-developed shooter is finally dropping on Xbox and PC Game Pass, creating enough incentive for many to give the title a go.

Regarding the updates that were made available with the most recent Golden Loop patch, the developers have added a brand-new ending to Deathloop, along with a ton of new weapons, special weapons, and powers.

Wait, this feels like déjà vu…Congratulations on the launch of @Deathloop. ♾️ We can’t wait to explore Blackreef again!

These new features have introduced fresh blood into the game’s combat system and this is especially true for the new power called Fugue Slab, which makes enemies turn on each other.

Since it is a power that was added with the latest content update, many in the community are quite curious as to how one may be able to acquire it. Today’s guide will go over how returning and new players can obtain the Fugue Slab in Deathloop.

Obtaining the Fugue Slab in Deathloop after the Golden Loop update


Since its release with the Golden Loop update, Fugue Slab has grown to be one of the game’s most powerful and versatile powers. It’s also highly sought after by the Deathloop community. However, unlocking it is much harder than using the ability in combat, and many in the community seem to be having a rather tough time getting their hands on it.

To be able to obtain the Fugue Slab in Deathloop, players will be required to,

  • Make their way to Karl’s Bay. However, players will need to do so during the Afternoon. Otherwise, the power will not be made available to them for unlocking. After reaching the bay, fans will be required to exit the underground tunnel and go right near the coast while looking for a new passage that they will find to have been blown open.
  • The new passage is something that players will only be able to find after the Golden Loop update is live on their systems. Hence, to be able to get their hands on the Fugue Slab, they will be required to update their game to the latest version.
  • After making their way through the new passage, players encounter a sub-boss enemy down below, known as The Collector. To get their hands on the Fugue Slab, fans will be required to defeat The Collector and then obtain the power from him as a reward.
  • The Collector can be a rather tricky encounter depending on the type of approach that players are looking to take with him. To make it easier, gamers can use the element of stealth by shooting the door switch through the cracked wall to the left of the booby-trapped door. A yellow light is near the shutter, and shooting that button will unlock it, allowing one to approach The Collector and backstab him.
  • Players who do not like the option of using steal for this encounter can very well look to try hard it and confront The Collecter as well as a swarm of rampaging enemies directly when the encounter starts.


After defeating The Collector, Deathloop players will automatically be able to get their hands on the Fugue Slab, which will grant them the power to turn enemies insane. They will then start attacking each other, and players will be able to pick off their targets one by one.

Fans will also be able to unlock an upgrade for the slab, allowing the Fugue sickness to spread from one enemy to the next.

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