Kim Kardashian Says The Kardashians Season 2 Is “Deep”

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The Kardashians’ second season will be “seriously deep.” Bible.

Kim Kardashian shared this tidbit about the highly anticipated new season, out Sept. 22, during her sit down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America

“We haven’t done any promos on it. We’re not going to,” she shared. “It’s, like, a really, seriously deep, vulnerable episode that we really haven’t talked about.” 

While she didn’t elaborate on what topics will be addressed on the sophomore season’s first episode, she did assure viewers that she and her family will get personal. “I just think that you see me making decisions for myself,” she continued. “Obviously, always thinking about my kids, but generally, just doing things for myself.”

The second season, which she described as a season “about so much independence,” comes after her August split from comedian Pete Davidson. Though it’s unclear if the breakup will be addressed in the upcoming episodes, she teased that people will be “really surprised” about what’s to come.

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