Dylan McDermott Wanted to Play a Good Guy in FBI: Most Wanted

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Dylan McDermott knew it was time to see the light. 

Ahead of the season two premiere of CBSFBI: Most Wanted, the actor exclusively revealed to E! News why he decided to take on the role of Fugitive Task Force boss Remy Scott after playing the evil Richard Wheatley in Law & Order: Organized Crime.

“I played a lot of good characters in my career, but recently, the last 10 years, I think they’ve been more questionable—certainly from American Horror Story to Organized Crime and some movies in there, so it was time to go back to the good,” McDermott said. “So when Dick [Wolf] called me with this role, it was perfect timing, because I definitely needed to go back.”

And although Remy and Richard couldn’t be more different—Wheatley is a known crime boss, while Remy is a high-strung, law-abiding federal agent—McDermott said he approaches the characters in the same way.

“When I’m playing a bad guy, I tried to find what’s good in him, and when I’m playing a good guy, I tried to find out what’s bad in him,” he explained. “Nobody’s just good or no one’s just bad. Because I don’t think a bad guy says, ‘Oh, I’m a bad guy.’ They justify everything.”

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