Royal Fans React to Spider on Queen Elizabeth II’s Casket at Funeral

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Several eagle-eyed viewers tuned in to Queen Elizabeth IIs funeral couldn’t help but notice one unexpected attendee: a spider. 

The critter was spotted crawling across a card attached to a wreath of flowers on the late monarch’s coffin as it made its way into Westminster Abbey on Sept. 19. Hundreds of social media users began sharing photos and videos of the spider, creating what turned out to be a lighter moment during the otherwise solemn occasion.

As one tweet read, “There was a spider on The Queen’s Coffin. As a spider fan, I am eleated [sic]! Luckiest Spider in the world!”

Another user theorized that the Queen would’ve found the snafu humorous, writing, “It’s said that the Queen loved it when things went awry. I think she’d love the bishop dropping his paper on the floor as well as the spider in her flower arrangement. #queensfuneral”

Echoing that sentiment, a different tweet stated that since the Queen loved nature, she would’ve been “happy” to see the spider herself.

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