Asta meets Yami’s younger sister, the Shogun mentions the Ryuzen Seven

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Black Clover chapter 338 introduced its readers not only to Captain Yami Sukehiro’s younger sister but to a new power system as well. Asta became privy to a secret about the Shogun of the Land of the Sun, and a new group of individuals called the Ryuzen Seven was mentioned.

Black Clover chapter 338 also announced that mangaka Tabata Yuki will be taking a creative break next week. Fans expect this to be due to the upcoming popularity poll and related artwork. The series also notified its readers that it received a super-stage event in Shueisha’s Jump Festa 2023.

Black Clover chapter 338 introduces Yojutsu and Yoryoku, Asta meets Ichika Yami

Ryuya Ryudo's introduction (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ryuya Ryudo’s introduction (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

In the last chapter, the Black Bulls decided to go search for Asta, believing him to be alive. Asta woke up in Hino country and met the Shogun Ryuya Ryudo, who knew everything that happened in Asta’s continent. The Shogun introduced himself as Yami’s childhood friend and offered Asta an opportunity to train in the Land of the Sun.

Black Clover chapter 338 is titled Trouble on a Foreign Road.

Chapter summary

Black Clover, Ch. 338: Asta wakes up in a strange land full of wonders! Read it FREE from the official source!

After realizing that he was in Yami’s homeland, Asta worried about getting home. Ryuya assured him that Lucius would not make a move any time soon. When the boy asked, Ryuya explained that a Shogun was equivalent to a Wizard King. However, Asta noted that judging by the lack of magic powers in his Ki, the Shogun did not seem very strong. While Ryuya did not take offense, his guard, Ichika, was enraged and warned the boy to show the Shogun his due respect.

Ryuya took Asta on a sightseeing tour in a nearby town and explained that the people of Hino use Scrolls instead of Grimoires to conjure Yojutsu (Sorcery) instead of Magic. The magical power is called Yoryoku, which might be the equivalent of Mana. At the market, watching a pair of siblings get nomotatoes reminded Asta of his and Yuno’s childhood with Sister Lily and her recent transformation at Lucius’ hands. Meanwhile, Ryuya guided the siblings off the main road, seemingly on a whim.

However, some bandits soon attacked the market, destroying the place where the siblings were standing. This led Asta to realize that the Shogun had foreseen this via his all-seeing eye. Ryuya revealed that he had no Yoryoku at all, just like Asta, and allowed Ichika to defend him. While the bandits underestimated the girl, Asta noted that her Ki was incredibly strong and familiar. Using her Sorcery, Ichika managed to easily defeat all of the bandits.

The civilians thanked and cheered for her, referring to her as “Lady Yami” and “one of the Ryuzen Seven.” Ryuya informed Asta that Ichika is Sukehiro’s younger sister. He advised the boy that the only way to get a proper power-up would be to train with the Seven Dragons, but Ichika outright stated that she hated men like Asta.


Not sure if it’s right or wrong Yojutsu and Yoryoku…Yojutsu is – Magic (sorcery)Yoryoku is – Mana?! (reserve power, spare energy)

It appears from the official translation of Black Clover chapter 338 that Shueisha has decided to keep the Japanese terms for the new power system prevalent in the Land of the Sun. Considering that Hino Country is inspired by Japan, this seems to be a logical choice. Yojutsu roughly translates to “Sorcery”, but the difference between it and Magic is unclear apart from their use of Scrolls and Grimoires, respectively.

Ichika's Yojutsu as seen in Black Clover chapter 338 (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ichika’s Yojutsu as seen in Black Clover chapter 338 (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

Ichika’s use of Yojutsu has elements of martial arts embedded in it. It can be assumed that the Yami family deals in traditional fighting styles. However, Captain Yami’s position in his household and details about his appearance in the Clover Kingdom remain a mystery. Ichika’s Ki is both reminiscent of Yami’s, since it felt familiar to Asta, and exceptionally strong in its magnitude. If the other members of Ryuzen Seven are as strong as her, then Asta will have his work cut out for him.

While only alluded to in Black Clover chapter 338 so far, the Ryuzen Seven seems to be equivalent to the Magic Knights Squad Captains in Hino Country. Considering that both names have the element of “Dragon” in them, their title is likely derived from Ryuya’s name. it’s unclear how old Ichika is, but her being one of them indicates that the Ryuzen Seven are equally as strong, if not more, than the Captains of the Clover Kingdom.

Final thoughts

Ryuya's weakness (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Ryuya’s weakness (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

Ryuya, being a Mana-less Wizard King, so to speak, may serve both as Asta’s goal and motivation, taking up the empty spot that Julius left behind. Not only does he seem to be without Yoryoku, but he also lacks any power to defend himself. This begs the question of how he is able to acquire and sustain his all-seeing eye.

Asta remembers Sister Lily in Black Clover chapter 338 (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)
Asta remembers Sister Lily in Black Clover chapter 338 (Image via Yuki Tabata/Shueisha)

Asta’s flashback of Sister Lily in Black Clover chapter 338 is indicative of how deeply her transformation has affected him. While Lucius may have chosen Lily randomly, it traumatized Asta the most. This reminder serves as further motivation for him to get trained and return to the Clover Kingdom.

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