Valorant teams to receive a split of $16 million after exclusive Champions bundle raises $30 million in funds

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The Valorant community really came forward this year and has helped the developer, Riot Games, in raising a whopping $30 million in funds, just from the exclusive Champions bundle for this year’s tournament.

While that is one part of the story, the other part lies in the fact that Riot Games love to constantly out-do themselves in each and every aspect.

The ongoing Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul tournament has had a very strong run this year. Every participating team has managed to put on a stellar performance in throughout each and every game, and now it all boils down to LOUD and OpTic Gaming.

Valorant Champions 2022 bundle draws in $30 million in sales

This is actually insane. Last year Valorant Champions raised $15 million with $7.5 million to players and teamsThis year, they’ve over doubled that… raising over $30 million and now $16 million being split amongst teams. Actually nuts

As mentioned before, the exclusive bundle got quite a bit of attention from the community this time. The previous years’ bundle did well too, but this year the numbers have increased 2x. And since the funding was doubled, Riot Games has raised the amount being split between all the teams as well.

A total of $16 million will be shared amongst all the participating teams, irrespective of their placements in the game; at least that’s what is believed will happen as the prize pool is separate.


That said, it isn’t a surprise that the bundle has raised so much in terms of funds as every item this year is exclusive. It won’t be available in the item store once it goes out of rotation.

Not only that, the skins in this bundle won’t be seen in the upcoming Night Markets either. Players who haven’t had a chance to purchase it yet can still do so. The Champions bundle is set to leave the item store on September 21.

Unlike last year, this years’ bundle features a Phantom, and a Butterfly Knife skin. Both of these have really exclusive and interesting animations associated with them. Other than the two items mentioned above, here are some other cosmetics associated with the bundle:

  • Champions 2022 Gun Buddy
  • Champions 2022 Player Card
  • Champions 2022 Spray

The entire bundle will cost 6,265 VP, which is a fair price considering all the beautiful animations that the weapons come with. Interestingly enough, the they come with an animation known as the Champions Aura. The weapon starts glowing with a gold outline whenever its wielder has the highest number of kills in the game.

Not only that, red crystals start covering the weapon with each kill. Keeping all these aspects in mind, it’s not difficult to understand why the Valorant community loves this bundle so much.

The best teams in the world will fight for the #VALORANTChampions crown on September 18th.Tune in to the Finals and earn the VCT Champions Hero Card to flex in game!

Although the bundle will be in the item shop until September 21, Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul itself is set to conclude on September 18.

Two teams, namely OpTic Gaming and LOUD, have made it to the finals. Out of these two, one will be crowned champions. Both these teams have faced off against each other multiple times over the course of the tournament itself.

Both OpTic Gaming and LOUD are aware of each others strengths and weaknesses, so it will be interesting to see how everything pans out in this long-awaited final game for this season’s Valorant competitive scene on a professional level.

Q. Which team do you think will win the Grand Finals of Valorant Champions 2022?

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