How to skip Bridges in Disney Dreamlight Valley and reach new areas faster

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Gameloft’s latest life sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley, has garnered unprecedented popularity since its early access launch a week ago.

The title’s official release, which is set to be a free-to-play version, is yet to be launched. However, early access has indeed been a considerable success.

In terms of features, there is a lot that players can do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, from farming, cooking, and fishing, to recruiting new residents; the title promises hours of entertainment.

The realm system allows fans to visit the homes of some of the most popular Disney characters, like Elsa, Ana, and Remy. However, while exploring their realms, players often see their progress blocked by large bridges, denying them access to the second half of an entire map.

Today’s guide will talk about an in-game exploit that players can use if they find themselves on less-than-enough Dream Shards to make the jump. The exploit does not mess with player progression in any way and will effectively help those who wish to cross the bridge and find more Night Vines faster.

Skipping bridges in Disney Dreamlight Valley


The exploit that allows players to skip bridges in Disney Dreamlight Valley essentially involves moving furniture outside with the in-game customization feature.

This feature allows players to customize their valley in whichever way they want, from moving chests that they have placed outside or entirely altering the location of Chez Remy, Goofy’s Stall, and even places that they were not supposed to reach just yet.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s customization feature unlocks after players make significant progress in the life sim’s narrative. Only after they have progressed through the quests in Peaceful Meadow will they get the option to move objects in their home or outside wherever and whenever they want.


Players will be required to go through the following steps to be able to use this feature to skip bridges in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Open the customization menu outside, which will open up the option to move objects around in the open world.
  • Along with the stalls and chests, players will also be able to transport Wishing Wells anywhere they choose.
  • Now players will need to transport the Wishing Well beyond the bridge barrier and plate in the second, inaccessible parts of the map.
  • Upon fast traveling to the Wishing Well, players will have effectively made their way beyond the barrier, even if they were running low on Dream Shards.

It’s advised that players wait till they unlock two Wishing Well in the game to get this exploit running. By placing one beyond the barrier, they will be able to clear Night Vines very early on in the game.

Additionally, as this trick does not hamper progression, players can try it out without having to think about spoiling the narrative.

However, as this is an exploit, it’s likely that Gameloft might look to patch it out of the game in future updates.

Disney Dreamlight Valley (Early Access) is available on PS5, Switch, PC (via Steam), and Xbox Series X|S. The adventure game’s full release is expected to drop sometime in 2023.

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