DWTS Season 31: Did 5 Random People Know the Celebs?

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Out with the old, in with the…who?

Dancing With the Stars is back for its 31st season—its first to air on Disney+—and, per usual, the lineup is stacked with a list of celebrities that’ll likely turn many viewers into owls when it premieres Sept. 19. (You know, because owls say “who” a lot? We’ll see ourselves out.) The stars include a Real Housewives legend, a TikTok superstar and her mother, America’s most famous weatherman and DTWS‘ first-ever drag queen contestant. Oh, there’s also Jersey Shore‘s keto guido and a Hallmark Channel hunk.

It’s a wide-ranging and eclectic group, which is why we like to conduct our annual (and, sure, slightly shady) experiment to find out who on an esteemed panel of five random people—a DWTS super-fan, a hipster in tech, a Gen-Z college graduate, a natural wine and bookstore owner and a former entertainment reporter—had ever heard of each star.

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