Chael Sonnen gives Henry Cejudo secret tips to impress Dana White

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Henry Cejudo is in the process of making his UFC return with no updates on possible opponents. Now that he’s back negotiating, ‘Triple C’ seems interested in improving communication with the UFC president, Hunter Campbell, Sean Shelby, and Mick Maynard.

Chael Sonnen came to the rescue during a recent conversation posted on Cejudo’s YouTube channel and had this to say about impressing Dana White:

“I will tell you, there’s two moves that he [Dana White] respects. This will get you a long way – A handwritten letter. Has to be handwritten, don’t type it out. Has to be a handwritten letter. And the other one that he respects is that you show up to his office and you don’t have a meeting, and you refuse to leave… You might have to spend the day there, but you’ll get that meeting before he leaves.”

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell when Sonnen is joking or not. That said, the UFC president seems to be on a different page than Cejudo since ‘Triple C’ announced his return. Both the opponent and weight division still haven’t been finalized.

Watch Chael Sonnen offer Henry Cejudo tips on impressing Dana White below:


Henry Cejudo describes to Chael Sonnen how Jake Paul could beat Anderson Silva

‘The Problem Child’ and ‘The Spider’ are officially fighting in a boxing match on October 29. Fans and analysts are split on the matchup due to Silva’s age and Paul’s lack of experience. During the same interaction with Sonnen, Cejudo had this to regarding Paul’s potential path to victory:

“The only thing that I see with Anderson Silva, where he could get caught, and we see this a lot – Anderson Silva likes to play. He’ll give his chin, and there’s one thing that the youngster does have, and that’s power in that right hand.”

Watch Henry Cejudo describe Jake Paul’s path to victory to Chael Sonnen below:


Not many people know what to expect from ‘The Spider’, but his recent boxing win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was highly impressive. It could be indicative of what the former UFC champion can do against ‘The Problem Child’.

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