What is Kevin De Bruyne’s rating in FIFA 23? Stats, in-game analysis, and more

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Kevin De Bruyne has cemented his legacy as one of the best midfielders in Premier League history, and his abilities are reflected in his FIFA 23 rating. The Belgian maestro is rated 91 overall in the upcoming game and shares the top spot with four other footballers.

With less than two weeks to go before the worldwide release of FIFA 23, EA Sports has revealed a list consisting of the game’s best passers, with De Bruyne leading the pack. The Manchester City star has a passing stat of 93, making him the best playmaker in the title.

However, a player’s ability in real life and his overall rating in FIFA don’t always translate to their performance on the digital pitch, and fans will be wondering if De Bruyne will be a viable option in the upcoming game.

Kevin De Bruyne’s consistent performances have earned him top-rated spot in FIFA 23

Kevin De Bruyne is undoubtedly among Europe’s footballing elite, with his playmaking contributions leading Manchester City to numerous titles and accolades. The player’s undisputed genius on the pitch has been applauded by fans around the globe. With the inclusion of Erling Haaland on the team’s roster, he will inevitably try to increase his assist tally in the league.


De Bruyne has historically been one of the best midfielders in FIFA. Despite originally being a CAM (central attacking midfielder) in previous installments, players preferred the Belgian in more of a box-to-box role because of his lack of pace.

In FIFA 23, Kevin De Bruyne starts off as a CM (central midfielder). This is ideal for his card, as he has been given pace and defensive ratings of 74 and 64, respectively. This means that his abilities will be best utilized in the center of the park as a versatile utility midfielder and not as a dedicated attacker or defense-minded midfielder.

With an underwhelming pace and a heavy in-game body type, as well as low agility and balance stats, De Bruyne will not suit the role of a pure attacker in FIFA. He will still be a viable CAM in formations where he has agile attackers to support him, such as 4231 and 4312. But this will severely limit players in their approach as they will have to accommodate him in their playing style.


The City footballer will perform at his best when used as a box-to-box midfielder in formations such as 4312, 442, and variations of 433. This will ensure that gamers can make the most out of De Bruyne’s superb shooting and passing stats without being affected by his average pace and clunky dribbling.

While his special versions have been some of the most overpowered cards in FIFA history, Kevin De Bruyne’s base version is often underwhelming in the title. This is indicative of the fact that a simple boost to some key stats can transform his card into an extremely useful midfield machine.


However, with Hypermotion 2.0, FIFA 23 might possibly be the most realistic football simulation experience in the franchise’s history. With improved animation and gameplay mechanics, players like De Bruyne should be much more usable than in the arcade-style gameplay seen in previous titles.

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